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Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad Province Introduction:

Area: 16244 km^2

Population: 634000

Counties: 8(Bahmeie, Basht, Boyerahmad, Choram, Dena, Gachsaran, Kohgiluyeh, Lendeh)

Highest Point: Ghasmastan Peak(4435 M Above Sea Level)

Traveling to Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad Province:

   Yasuj, the capital of the province has daily flights to Tehran. Yasuj distance from Tehran is 666 km. Most of province roads are mountainous and Sisakht-Padena road reaches to 3200 M above sea level which is the highest road in the country.

 Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad province has not any railway system.

kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmd Tourism Attractions

Although there are some important historiacal monuments in the province, Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad mostly is a perfect destination for ecotourists.Yasuj, the center of the province is called "Iran's Nature Capital" because most of the province is covered with high mountains, forests and fertile vallys with beautiful landscapes and considerable flora and fauna.

Most important tourist attractions are introduced below based on the type of the tourism:

Nature Attractions of Kohgiluhey va Boyerahmad:


A-Protected Areas & National Parks:

Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad's Protected Areas: Dena protected area, Dil protected area, East Dena protected area, Khaeez protected area, Khamin protected area, Koohe Khizo Sorkh protected area, Sivak protected area, Tange Soolak protected area


Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad's National Parks: Dena national park

B-Important Rivers:

Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad's Rivers: Beshar River, Maroon River

C-Important Peaks:

Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad's Peaks: Dena mountain Range including 51 peaks over 4000M above sea level

D-Lakes & wetlands:

Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad's Lakes & Wetlands: Alvan Wetland, Dishmook Lake, Koohgol Wetlands, Moorzard Lake


Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad Caves: Abkenari, Dofiri, Davoodi, Pirezan, Tajly, Khee, Dehshikh, Shah Bahram, Kabootar, Gakal, Mes, Nevel, Nezel, Ni na


Bahram Beyk Waterfall: Bahram beyk waterfall is located some 50 km far from Yasuj in a beautiful foresty road.

Bahram Beyk Waterfall-March 2009

Tamoradi Waterfall: Tamoradi waterfall are located at a deep vally some 50 Km far from Yasuj. There are some 7 Watefalls on top of eachothers which reaching the top ones require mountaineering capabilities.

Tang-e Namak Waterfall: Tange namak waterfall is located near Sisakht and can be reached by 1 hour hiking through an attracting vally.

Bonrood Vally Waterfall: Bonrood waterfall is located near Sisakht and can be reached by 1 hour hiking through an attracting vally.

Shahniz Waerfall: Shahniz waterfall can be reached by 1 hour driving from Yasuj.

Yasuj Waterfall: Yasuj Waterfall is at the end of a beautiful gorge in Yasuj, available by local Taxi.

Yasuj Urban forest: Yasuj urban forest is the biggest urban forest in south of Iran and can be reached by local Taxi.

Koohgol Wetlands: Koohgol wetlnds are located near Sisakht and can be reached by 1 hour hiking through an attracting vally.

Dena Ski Resort: Dena ski resort is some 0.5 hour driving from Yasuj. Annual Snow festival is held there in February.

Alvan Wetland: Alvan wetland is in the south of province.

Ganjei Gorge: Ganjei gorge is one the most beautiful places in the province, a good gorge for hiking and take photos.

Ganjei Gorge-June 2012

Mehryan Gorge: Mehryan gorge is 0.5 hour driving from Yasuj. Passing the gorge requires mountaineering capabilities.

Sisakht-Padena Road: Sisakht-Padena road is the highest road in the country and usually is closed 6 months of the year because of heavy snows. Passing the road requires 4WD vehicles.

Sisakht-Padena Road where is 3000M above sea level-June 2012

Moorzard Lake: Moorzard lake is in Margoon destrict, some 2 hours driving from capital Yasuj. Lake which is sourronded by oak forests, is a good place for fishing.

Dashtak: Exiting Sisakht city from north and parallel to Dena peaks, there is a meadow which is a nice place to watch the highest peaks of Zagros mountain range.

Moorpiseh Plain: Passing Dena ski resort and Kakan village, the road passes through a plain which is covered with Fritillaria flowers in Aprils and junes.

Dena Mountain Range: Dena mountain range is the biggest subrange of huge Zagros mountain range. Dena has 76 Km connected length comprised of 51 4thosands peaks. Dena is popular for mountaineers even from foreign countries.

Some of Dena Peaks Are Seen from Sisakht Oak Forests-March 2009

Cultural Attractions of Kohgiluhey va Boyerahmad:

A-Historical Monuments

Perin Brdige-March 2009



Row Museum Name Museum Subject Address
1 Yasuj Museum


Yasuj, Modiriat Street



Most of the Kohgiluyeh & Boyerahmad people are Lurs and speak Luri language. There are considerable populations of tribes who settle in differnet places during the year and are a kind of pastoralism nomads. (they resident in low altitudes and warm places in winter & high altitudes and cool places in summer). These tribes are mostly dependent on their sheeps herds. Women in these tribes are the main weavers of Carpets, Kilims & Gabbehs.


As spear thistle is a plant which is native to Zagros mountains, it is used in Persian culinary, even in Yasuj it is cooked with rice together(is called Kangarpolo in Persian) and can be found in hotels restaurants.

Proposals for Tourists:

As north of the province has high altitudes which is cold & snowy in the winters, south of Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad province has mild winters and very hot summers, so if you are not interested in winter sports, springs, summers and falls is preffered for north and winters for south of the province.

Yasuj and Sisakht are the best cities for lodging. While Azadi hotel is a four star hotel in Yasuj, some inns and hostels are available in Sisakht city.