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Why Traveling to Iran?


   Iran is a diverse country in ethnics, culture, geography & climate. Otherwise Iran is backed with thousands years of history, life of humans, establishment of civilizations and rules of dynasties with lots of magnificent historical monuments and life customs connected to the past, which makes Iran, a live museum. But if someone wants to know why Iran can be a suitable destination for tourism, here are brief reasons in historical, geographical and cultural aspects:


- Beyond thousand of national historical heritages, Iran has 21 World Heritage Sites which all have registered just based on cultural values. Surely, this number of world heritage sites are the least reflection of Iran's great history in international scales and there will be more records soon.

- Iran has 12 Biosphere Reserves which proves the worth of flora and fauna in Iran (mammals diversity of Iran alone, exceeds Europe). Regarding  to 2440 km of coasts in south (Iran Costs of Persian Golf & Oman Sea) and 700 km in North (Iran Coasts of Caspian sea), swimming at sea, water and nautical tourism can be practiced all over the year. In country's huge mountains, skiing is achievable at least, 6 months of the year.

Climate diversity of Iran is also considerable and attractive elements of nature such as deserts, mountains, seas, forests...are available all over the country. country's altitude changes from -28 M (Coasts of Caspian Sea) to 5671 M (Mount Damavand). Temperatures between -50 C to 70.7 C ( also have been measured in Iran.

- In all over the 1,648,195 km^2 of the country, one of the most valuable cultural and artistic heritages of the world history is perceivable. Due to living of people with different ethnics (Persians, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Lurs, Arabs, Balochs, Turkmens...), cultural diversity in Iran is beautiful and easily sensible. Iran's art is also rich and include painting, architecture, weaving, pottery, metal working, calligraphy, literature etc. Since 2003, 10 Intangible Cultural Heritages of Iran has been registered in UNESCO.